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Home/Pet Sitting Prices 2019

Home Sitting no pets...

£35 per night - 48hrs/weekly/fortnightly
Ad hoc x1 night and day £40.

Home Sitting + one pet...

Small or medium dog/cat/rabbit/guinea pig/ferrets/budgie/chickens etc
£38 per night, 2 days or more £2 each extra pet.
Ad Hoc x1 night plus all day up to 6pm or all day plus night - leave in the morning £45 plus £2 for each additional pet.

Daytime Charges - smaller or larger pet sitting...

1 hour sitting £14
2 hr sitting £24
3 hr sitting £32.

Half day sitting - 4 to 6 hour package - £8.50 per hour
All day sitting - 6 to 8 hour package - £8.50 per hour.

Please note: The charges above all include feeding, playing and walks.

Other Charges

Dog Walking Only Service...

One Dog...
1 X 40 min visit and walk £10
1 hr visit and walk £14
2 X 30min visit and walk £18

Two Dogs (small/medium dogs)...
1 X 40 min visit and walk £12
1 hr visit and walk £16
2 X 30 min visit and walk £20

Other Services and Charges...

I am also able to discuss packages for longer home and pets sitting services such as 10/12 hour, day/long weekends, fortnight or even monthly contracts.

Public and Bank holidays are also negotiable and are priced at time and a half. Discounts can also be applied to time and a third if on a fortnightly or longer booking.

Travel expenses which involve travel to the mainland UK 75% of the cost to be covered by the client.

I can travel abroad to house or pet sit but 100% of the travel costs must be met by the client.

I am also able to provide a last minute service locally (Isle of Wight) for anyone who needs a sitter due to an emergency such as admission to hospital and no one is available to take care of pets for the first 24hrs to allow the client time to organise alternative care.
The cost for this service is £45 and includes a 24hour staying period ie: one day and night.
Payment due on the day of booking the package.

Please read my full booking terms and conditions and privacy policy for full details. Thank you.