Pet & Home Sitting

Isle of Wight

Tails & Whiskers Furry Friends

two young dogs sitting by a bench at a cricket club isle of wight

Mrs Nibbles & Mrs Jingles day out at the golf course.

karen owner of tails and whiskers with a border collie

Happy to be walking.

a black and white collie dog with a pull toy

Tuppence protecting her rag.

a small spaniel sat on the grass

Kia, lovely Cocker Spaniel.

a brown and white cat sitting on a washing machine

Mr Hector looking majestic.

3 black and white dogs on a lawn playing ball

The Brading Bunch...

a black and white collie lying on a lawn

Damson, beautiful collie in her garden.

a small dog on a beach

Chico enjoying a day on the beach.

a brown spaniel dog on a lead

Kia on her birthday walk last year.

a dog lying on a bed with a toy

Isla with Rod Hulls Emu.

a cute dog on a lead looking at the camera

Mrs Jingles always has a smile.

a small dog lying on a cushion by a window

Fletcher the wonder dog.

a small dog called gracie looking at the camera

My girl Gracie.

a small dog sat on an archair with a soft toy

Fletcher and his favourite toy.

a large dog carrying a stick through a large puddle

Isla, bring me that stick!

A Sunday Stroll at Mottistone Down

Recent Testimonials

"We have used Karen's Pet Sitting service on several occasions. She is brilliant with our three dogs who have grown to love her. She is very reliable and responsible. We are relaxed and confident leaving our dogs in her hands. She leaves our home spic and span. We would definitely recommend her".

NC Facebook

"My dog Fletcher loves Karen. She understood his needs completely leaving me reassured that he was in very capable hands. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her. The instructions we left with Karen regarding Fletcher's feeding, walks etc. were followed to the letter and we will definitely be using her again in the future".

CB Facebook

"Chico my terrier is getting on in years. He's kind of stuck 9in his ways and exceptionally stubborn or as we prefer to say determined.I needed to go away for 5 days and Karen kindly took him under her wing. She met him about a week before and it became very clear they were going to get on very well. She quickly learnt his language and was able to tend to his needs. He had a vets visit whilst i was away which she handled with calmness and professionalism. I came home to a calm and relaxed dog happy, not desperate, to see me. Great value, great service. Would definetly use again".

WL Facebook